Create issue for ROSA

When creating issue for ROSA-HCP cluster, include the logs for the capa-controller-manager and capi-controller-manager deployment pods. The logs can be saved to text file using the commands below. Also include the yaml files for all the resources used to create the ROSA cluster:

  • Cluster
  • ROSAControlPlane
  • MachinePool
  • ROSAMachinePool
$ kubectl get pod -n capa-system 
NAME                                      READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
capa-controller-manager-77f5b946b-sddcg   1/1     Running   1          3d3h

$ kubectl logs -n capa-system capa-controller-manager-77f5b946b-sddcg > capa-controller-manager-logs.txt

$ kubectl get pod -n capi-system 
NAME                                       READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
capi-controller-manager-78dc897784-f8gpn   1/1     Running   18         26d

$ kubectl logs -n capi-system capi-controller-manager-78dc897784-f8gpn > capi-controller-manager-logs.txt