clusterawsadm gc configure

Specify what cleanup tasks will be executed on a given cluster


This command will set what cleanup tasks to execute on the given cluster during garbage collection (i.e. deleting) when the cluster is requested to be deleted. Supported values: load-balancer, security-group, target-group.

clusterawsadm gc configure [flags]


  # Configure GC for a cluster to delete only load balancers and security groups using existing k8s context
  clusterawsadm gc configure --cluster-name=test-cluster --gc-task load-balancer --gc-task security-group
  # Reset GC configuration for a cluster using kubeconfig
  clusterawsadm gc configure --cluster-name=test-cluster --kubeconfig=test.kubeconfig


      --cluster-name string   The name of the CAPA cluster
      --gc-task strings       Garbage collection tasks to execute during cluster deletion
  -h, --help                  help for configure
      --kubeconfig string     Path to the kubeconfig file to use (default "/opt/buildhome/.kube/config")
  -n, --namespace string      The namespace for the cluster definition (default "default")

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --v int   Set the log level verbosity. (default 2)


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