clusterawsadm ami list

List AMIs from the default AWS account where AMIs are stored


List AMIs based on Kubernetes version, OS, region. If no arguments are provided, it will print all AMIs in all regions, OS types for the supported Kubernetes versions. Supported Kubernetes versions start from the latest stable version and goes 2 release back: if the latest stable release is v1.20.4- v1.19.x and v1.18.x are supported. Note: First release of each version will be skipped, e.g., v1.21.0 To list AMIs of unsupported Kubernetes versions, --kubernetes-version flag needs to be provided.

clusterawsadm ami list [flags]


  # List AMIs from the default AWS account where AMIs are stored.
  # Available os options: centos-7, ubuntu-18.04, ubuntu-20.04, amazon-2, flatcar-stable
  clusterawsadm ami list --kubernetes-version=v1.18.12 --os=ubuntu-20.04  --region=us-west-2
  # To list all supported AMIs in all supported Kubernetes versions, regions, and linux distributions:
  clusterawsadm ami list


  -h, --help                        help for list
      --kubernetes-version string   Kubernetes version of the AMI to be copied
      --os string                   Operating system of the AMI to be listed
  -o, --output string               The output format of the results. Possible values: table,json,yaml (default "table")
      --owner-id string             The owner ID of the AWS account to be used for listing AMIs
      --region string               The AWS region in which to provision

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --v int   Set the log level verbosity. (default 2)


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