CAPA Version Support

Release Versioning

CAPA follows the semantic versionining specification:

MAJOR version release for incompatible API changes, MINOR version release for backwards compatible feature additions, and PATCH version release for only bug fixes.

Example versions:

  • Minor release: v0.1.0
  • Patch release: v0.1.1
  • Major release: v1.0.0

Compatibility with Cluster API Versions

CAPA’s versions are compatible with the following versions of Cluster API

API VersionCluster API v1alpha3 (v0.3)Cluster API v1alpha4 (v0.4)
AWS Provider v1alpha3 (v0.6)
AWS Provider v1alpha4 (v0.7)

CAPA v1beta1 versions are not released in lock-step with Cluster API releases. Multiple CAPA minor releases can use the same Cluster API minor release.

For compatibility, check the release notes here to see which v1beta1 Cluster API version each CAPA version is compatible with.

For example:

  • CAPA v1.0.x, v1.1.x, v1.2.x is compatible with Cluster API v1.0.x
  • CAPA v1.3.x is compatible with Cluster API v1.1.x

End-of-Life Timeline

CAPA team maintains branches for v1.x (v1beta1), v0.7 (v1alpha4), and v0.6 (v1alpha3).

CAPA branches follow their compatible Cluster API branch EOL date.

API VersionBranchSupported Until

Compatibility with Kubernetes Versions

CAPA API versions support all Kubernetes versions that is supported by its compatible Cluster API version:

API VersionsCAPI v1alpha3 (v0.3)CAPI v1alpha4 (v0.4)CAPI v1beta1 (v1.x)
CAPA v1alpha3 (v0.6)
CAPA v1alpha4 (v0.7)
CAPA v1beta1 (v1.x)

(See Kubernetes support matrix of Cluster API versions).