Contributing guidelines

Sign the CLA

Kubernetes projects require that you sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) before we can accept your pull requests. Please see for more info

Contributing A Patch

  1. Submit an issue describing your proposed change to the repo in question.
  2. The repo owners will respond to your issue promptly.
  3. If your proposed change is accepted, and you haven’t already done so, sign a Contributor License Agreement (see details above).
  4. Fork the desired repo, develop and test your code changes.

See the developer guide on how to setup your development environment. 5. Submit a pull request.

Becoming a reviewer

If you would like to become a reviewer, then please ask one of the maintainers. There’s no hard and defined limit as to who can become a reviewer, but a good heuristic is 5 or more contributions. A reviewer can get PRs automatically assigned for review, and can /lgtm PRs.

To become a reviewer, ensure you are a member of the kubernetes-sigs Github organisation following .

Steps needed to become a maintainer

If you have made significant contributions to Cluster API Provider AWS, a maintainer may nominate you to become a maintainer, first by opening a PR to add you to the OWNERS_ALIASES file of the repository.

Maintainers are able to approve PRs, as well as participate in release processes.

Maintainers require membership of the Kubernetes Github organisation via

The complete list of tasks required to set up maintainer status follow:

  • Open PR to add Github username to the OWNERS_ALIASES file under cluster-api-aws-maintainers
  • Open PR to add Github username to cluster-api-provider-aws-admins and cluster-api-provider-aws-maintainers to
  • Open PR to add Github username to
  • Open PR to add Github username to
  • Open PR to add Google ID to the Google group in