Instance Metadata Service

Instance metadata is data about your instance that you can use to configure or manage the running instance which you can access from a running instance using one of the following methods:

  • Instance Metadata Service Version 1 (IMDSv1) – a request/response method
  • Instance Metadata Service Version 2 (IMDSv2) – a session-oriented method

CAPA defaults to use IMDSv2 as optional property when creating instances.

CAPA expose options to configure IMDSv2 as required when creating instances, as it provides a better level of security.

It is possible to configure the instance metadata options using the field called instanceMetadataOptions in the AWSMachineTemplate.


kind: AWSMachineTemplate
  name: "test"
        httpEndpoint: enabled
        httpPutResponseHopLimit: 1
        httpTokens: optional
        instanceMetadataTags: disabled

To use IMDSv2, simply set httpTokens value to required (in other words, set the use of IMDSv2 to required). To use IMDSv2, please also set httpPutResponseHopLimit value to 2, as it is recommended in container environment according to AWS document.

See the CLI command reference for more information.

Before you decide to use IMDSv2 for the cluster instances, please make sure all your applications are compatible to IMDSv2.

See the transition guide for more information.