Developing E2E tests

Visit the Cluster API documentation on E2E for information on how to develop and run e2e tests.

Set up

It’s recommended to create a separate AWS account to run E2E tests. This ensures it does not conflict with your other cluster API environment.

Running from CLI

e2e tests can be run using Makefile targets:

$ make test-e2e
$ make test-e2e-eks

The following useful env variables can help to speed up the runs:

  • E2E_ARGS="--skip-cloudformation-creation --skip-cloudformation-deletion" - in case the cloudformation stack is already properly set up, this ensures a quicker start and tear down.
  • GINKGO_FOCUS='\[PR-Blocking\]' - only run a subset of tests
  • USE_EXISTING_CLUSTER - use an existing management cluster (useful if you have a Tilt setup)

Running in IDEs

The following example assumes you run a management cluster locally (e.g. using Tilt).


The following run configuration can be used:

<component name="ProjectRunConfigurationManager">
  <configuration default="false" name="capa e2e: unmanaged PR-Blocking" type="GoTestRunConfiguration" factoryName="Go Test">
    <module name="cluster-api-provider-aws" />
    <working_directory value="$PROJECT_DIR$/test/e2e/suites/unmanaged" />
    <parameters value="-ginkgo.focus=&quot;\[PR-Blocking\]&quot; -ginkgo.v=true -artifacts-folder=$PROJECT_DIR$/_artifacts --data-folder=$PROJECT_DIR$/test/e2e/data -use-existing-cluster=true -config-path=$PROJECT_DIR$/test/e2e/data/e2e_conf.yaml" />
      <env name="AWS_REGION" value="SET_AWS_REGION" />
      <env name="AWS_PROFILE" value="IF_YOU_HAVE_MULTIPLE_PROFILES" />
      <env name="AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID" value="REPLACE_ACCESS_KEY" />
      <env name="AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY" value="2W2RlZmFZSZnRg==" />
    <kind value="PACKAGE" />
    <package value="" />
    <directory value="$PROJECT_DIR$" />
    <filePath value="$PROJECT_DIR$" />
    <framework value="gotest" />
    <pattern value="^\QTestE2E\E$" />
    <method v="2" />

Visual Studio Code

With the example above, you can configure a launch configuration for VSCode.