clusterawsadm ami copy

Copy AMIs from an AWS account to the AWS account which credentials are provided


Copy AMIs based on Kubernetes version, OS, region from an AWS account where AMIs are stored to the current AWS account (use case: air-gapped deployments)

clusterawsadm ami copy [flags]


  # Copy AMI from the default AWS account where AMIs are stored.
  # Available os options: centos-7, ubuntu-18.04, ubuntu-20.04, amazon-2, flatcar-stable
  clusterawsadm ami copy --kubernetes-version=v1.18.12 --os=ubuntu-20.04  --region=us-west-2
  # owner-id and dry-run flags are optional. region can be set via flag or env
  clusterawsadm ami copy --os centos-7 --kubernetes-version=v1.19.4 --owner-id=111111111111 --dry-run
  # copy from us-east-1 to us-east-2
  clusterawsadm ami copy --os centos-7 --kubernetes-version=v1.19.4 --region us-east-2 --source-region us-east-1


      --dry-run                     Check if AMI exists and can be copied
  -h, --help                        help for copy
      --kubernetes-version string   Kubernetes version of the AMI to be copied
      --os string                   Operating system of the AMI to be copied
      --owner-id string             The source AWS owner ID, where the AMI will be copied from (default "258751437250")
      --region string               The AWS region in which to provision
      --source-region string        Set if wanting to copy an AMI from a different region

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --v int   Set the log level verbosity. (default 2)


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